10 Ways I Am Rocking Motherhood

Becoming a mom has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done. Despite the craziness that is normal life, I often sit back and think about why I am grateful, reflect on what I believe I am doing right and what I can improve upon, and remember to kiss and hug my babies a little more because they are the reason for all that I do.

Thank you to Kate over at One Pea in The Pod for tagging me in the amazing #RockingMotherhood Challenge.  I am taking this opportunity to brag a little bit about why I think I am rocking motherhood. Come on, in this world of mom guilt and pressure from society, we all need to give ourselves a little credit sometimes! What is the Rocking Motherhood Challenge? It’s a challenge making the rounds in blog land where moms tag other moms to write a post about 10 or more ways they are #ROCKINGMOTHERHOOD. The purpose is to help encourage other moms to step back and be proud of the things they are doing well as a parent!

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The Art of Putting a Baby to Sleep

And so the old saying goes, “Put the baby down when they are still awake. Sleepy, but awake, as to avoid any sleep associations.” I don’t think the original person who first suggested this was even a parent. If you thought this was a self help article or I had any words of wisdom on how to get your children to sleep soundly on their own, you should look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a laugh, or you are simply a parent who is an “expert” at the art of putting a baby to sleep and want to commiserate, read on.

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Monday Minute

I don’t know about you, but when I have a particularly busy weekend I feel so unorganized when Monday morning comes! Usually I would feel exhausted and sad that the weekend was over, but today I am choosing to embrace the mess, enjoy my babies, and be thankful to be home after a busy few days.

This weekend was great. Saturday, I got to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie with my mom and relive my childhood! I also made a trip to Trader Joe’s with James, which I absolutely love but don’t get to often, and we took a nice long walk as a family. Saturday night Chris and I ordered Mexican. It was the perfect family day!

Sunday was very different than usual and so refreshing. Chris got up with both babies and I got to sleep in a bit. Then we had an appointment to get our taxes done, and at first we thought about bringing both kids. Then Chris’ parents offered to babysit James because they had been wanting to take him for a while, and we agreed it would be the perfect opportunity! My mom then offered to watch Ella and all of a sudden it became a kid-free day! I can’t believe we actually had a day together without the kids. It is the first time that this has ever happened, and I must say it was very refreshing.

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How to Create a Beautiful Nursery on a Budget

It’s Friday! And that means “Friday Favorite!” Today, I decided to focus on one of my favorite things – our home, and more specifically my children’s nurseries. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to decorate my son’s nursery, and spent a little more on it than I would have liked, but by the second just a year later, I realized what things were practical and what were not necessary! What I’ve learned is that it is possible to create a beautiful nursery on a budget.

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

What better way to spend this chilly week with St. Patrick’s Day coming up than to craft?!

We are expecting snow tomorrow and if you add freezing temperatures + my babies having colds, that = us not leaving the house much this week!

That’s ok! We have a lot of St. Patrick’s Day activities planned. We are going to make green sparkly home-made play dough, play some counting coin games, and make some adorable crafts.

Here are 4 of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day crafts for you and your little ones to enjoy!

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Friday Favorites – Favorite Family Food

Happy Friday! For this “Friday Favorite” I decided to highlight some of my favorite recipes for our family. I’ll break them down into three categories – one for baby, one for the whole family, and one that the adults can enjoy!

I’m still deciding what to have for dinner tonight. Any ideas? We may have to order from our favorite Thai restaurant, because that sounds delicious to me right now ;).


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Sleep Deprivation Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks

I’m going to get real with you guys here. I’m exhausted, and I didn’t see it coming. There aren’t many things that I’ll complain about as a mom, but sleep deprivation is the worst for me. I’ve always liked my sleep. Of course, I heard the warnings. Everyone says that you never get to sleep as a “new” mom, but what about a mom of a toddler and sixth month old? The difference about sleep deprivation when your baby is a newborn vs. when your baby is older is simple – no one has sympathy when your baby is older!

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Friday Fitness


Happy Friday! We’re having a great day over here, and ya know why?! It’s because I got an awesome workout in this morning and I feel amazing!

It’s so true that you can’t be a great mommy to your kids if you aren’t being good to yourself. I definitely have a better day overall if I have a good workout.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself and fitness lately, and I’ve realized that it’s a lot like motherhood – a rollercoaster ride.

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