Out and About

Even if you aren’t a mom of two kids under two years old, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to get out of the house. Every morning I am faced with an angel and devil on my shoulder.

The devil says, “Stay in your pjs and don’t change into yoga pants! You and the kids can make messes all day, keep the curtains closed, eat junk food, and stop caring about showing your face at the library this week!” And I have to be honest, sometimes it’s fine to listen to this devilish character. Some days I embrace this side of mommyhood and spend my days snuggling my little ones.

But, let’s be honest, staying in is not all is cracked up to be. Staying in sometimes means feeling lonely while Daddy works, bored, tempted to pick up my phone and browse, and worse than all of those, it means the kids will become stir crazy by noon. I am not someone who is content sitting all day. Come on, I used to be a kindergarten teacher. Some days I miss the “busy-ness” of work, and the best I can do as a stay-at-home mom is get my kids out and about, even if it just means a nice long walk.

So today I listened to the angel, who told me to get dressed (I even got to shower!), pack the diaper with ALLL of the necessary items for an infant and toddler, pack up the car with a stroller, baby wrap, bag and kids, and get out to playgroup!

Oh, and did I mention that winters in NY mean lots of layers, which takes lots of time.

It’s not easy moms! It’s much easier to stay in and let the kids run wild all day, but I am MUCH happier if we get out of the house, even for just an hour or two. We had a blast at a new playgroup and will definitely be returning…as long as I can get out of the house on time!


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