The Magic… and Madness… of the Holidays

Happy Sunday! We have had a magical weekend so far spending time with family, and I absolutely love Sundays because we get to spend time at home, comfy in our pajamas, doing whatever we want to do, and my mom makes dinner:).

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with my in-laws, exchanging gifts with them and my sister and brother-in law. Honestly, in my opinion, there is nothing better than family. Sitting around the tree, watching three cousins laughing and playing (well Ella was a little young to join in on the fun this year), sipping on a glass of wine ;), and eating great food is my idea of a perfect day! The grandkids are ridiculously spoiled by their grandparents and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s hard to believe that my nephew Landon, who is the firstborn grandchild, will be THREE in May! He will also have a little brother or sister in June, which we are ecstatic about. I love watching James and Landon together; they are literally going to be so close and always have so much fun. I had the privilege of babysitting Landon full time for about 10 months last year, until Ella was born, and being a part of his life as an aunt and godmother has always been so special for me.


Being in the holiday spirit definitely makes me want to relax, unwind, and really think about life. It’s probably because all of the madness of running around to different events, kids crazy on sugar and excitement, watching our bank account dwindle as we buy gift after gift, and stressing about eating too much that makes me a little crazy sometimes, but causes me to sit back and take a breath. I can be a tad bit controlling, a perfectionist at times, and tend to worry a lot. I’m sure all moms can relate. Having babies so close together has got me in complete mom mode 24/7 and I haven’t really had much time to myself in the last… 2 years! It’s times like these though, that make me feel so completely grateful for my life and my family and realize that everything I do for my kids is SO worth it. In a few years they wont need me as much, which just thinking about makes me sad!

One of my favorite quotes about parenthood is, “The days pass slowly, but the years fly by.” This could not be more true. When you catch yourself in the day to day madness, especially around the holidays, it’s difficult to see the value in motherhood, or parenthood. When you sit back and spend time with your children, do things that make you truly happy, and try to enjoy the little moments, you realize how fast time flies.


As we approach Christmas and the New Year, I am going to make a promise to myself – to embrace the magic of the holidays and to really enjoy time with my babies. James is just starting to appreciate the magic of Christmas, and already loves Santa, or as he calls him “Ho, Ho, Ho” and he deserves a calm and relaxed mama! I may need some assistance with a glass of wine or coffee here and there, and I am looking forward to the manicure I have scheduled for next Sunday, but hey! We’re only human, right?!

So go and cuddle your little ones today mamas! Happy Sunday 😉


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