Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to rock 2017! I’m excited to announce that I’ve started a new journey as a Beachbody coach and I couldn’t be more ready to accomplish my fitness goals. I know many people vow to make health and fitness their New Year’s resolution come January, but I have had this in the works for a few months now and it’s more than just a gym membership.

We are coming up on 4 months post-partum, and I am DONE with feeling lazy and bloated. I was pregnant for almost two years straight, and I gave myself more than enough excuses to not work out and to eat whatever I wanted. I miss the old me, not just physically, but mentally as well. When I am in shape and eating healthy, I feel more confident, which causes me to continue to keep eating   healthy and work out. It’s a cycle with myself as my biggest fan and challenger.

That’s why becoming a part of the Beachbody team is the perfect thing for me. I believe in this program 100%, and I know it can be perfect for you moms as well, especially if you stay home and find it difficult to make it out of the house! Taking on this challenge has made me reflect on the past year so much in the last few weeks. 2016 has been an exciting year, especially because we welcomed our baby girl into the world! Along with the excitement came important decisions I had to make for my family, like leaving my job and staying home with my babies. Being a stay at home mom to two babies is the best job I’ve ever had, but it does have its challenges. Over the past few months I’ve realized a few things:

1. I don’t always have time to go to the gym, (let alone shower every day 😂)
2. I sometimes miss adult conversation 
3. I need to make myself a priority too- my health, fitness, and nutrition 

Through the challenge group I’ve been a part of the last month, as well as my experience with Beachbody workouts, I have learned to make time for myself to workout (it only takes about 30 min a day!), eat healthy, connect with many other moms, AND feel good about myself! I’ve already lost a ton of my baby weight, feel less lazy, and feel more confident, inside and out. 💪🏼

Because I’ve seen such great results in such little time, I’ve decided to become a coach myself to help others and to share my experiences! This program has helped me reflect on the changes I want to make in the new year and take action to make those goals a reality! If I can do it, so can you 😊.

Well, I feel like I am on top of the world right now, especially since I just finished one of the hardest workouts in Core de Force and had all of my superfoods complete in one drink-Shakeology. To learn more about these amazing products, take a look at my Fitness page. Tonight we are off to Chris’ aunt and uncles’ house to enjoy a “Chinese” (food) New Year. It’s all about balance, right?! That’s what I love about this program- you can eat what you want in moderation, and enjoy some of the flavors you love using healthy recipes and a meal portion plan.

I am SO excited for this opportunity and to take on the challenges of 2017. If you are serious about getting in shape for the new year, email me at ckennedy2660@gmail.com for more details on what programs are available to you! This is not just about joining a gym in January and then quitting; this is a program that works for me and can work for anyone if you just commit. 🙌🏼

I don’t know what the future will bring; all I can do is live in the moment and make sure that every day I do my best for my family. And waking up each day to awesome workouts and a simple nutrition plan helps me do that. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017! 🍾🎉🥂  #letsdothis #newyearsresolution#lifestylechange #coach #momlife #twoundertwo

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