Monday Minute

Good Morning and happy Monday! I definitely don’t get the Monday blues anymore since I stopped working, especially because it’s absolutely freezing out there today and I’m glad we don’t have to leave the house. But if you are having a tough Monday so far, there’s nothing like a huge baby bow to brighten your day! Ella and I were playing dress-up yesterday. Isn’t she just adorable? I can’t help myself with these bows…

Monday minute is a post where I’ll tell you a little bit about our upcoming week and what we have planned! Here goes:


  1. Chris left yesterday for New Jersey and will be back Thursday :(. He is starting a new job and needs to complete training with new hires and his new boss. I’m SO proud of him for taking this chance to better himself and our family. It’s a big risk to move to a new company after being with one for so many years, but I do think he will really enjoy this change. The pay increase doesn’t hurt either. I think he’s just excited to get a new company car! I’m so lucky that I have my mom’s help in the evenings and for bedtime routines. She is a lifesaver, and we appreciate her help so much. If you haven’t read in my previous posts, she is staying with us until the renovations on her house are done, which should be in a few weeks. Unfortunately, she still works full time though! So she’s gone during the day. We will continute to carry on without Daddy, but he will definitely be missed! Thank God it’s only for a few days…

2.  Today I made the most delicious, easy breakfast – scrambled eggs with toast. Contrary to what some people may think, even though I don’t work I don’t always have time to make elaborate meals for myself during the day! My kids can only be entertained alone for so long, and can never left alone together! That is something I look forward to as they get older… for now I try to make myself filling, quick, and healthy breakfasts. This was easy because I literally threw two eggs in a pan with olive oil spray, scrambled them up and put a few drops of hot sauce on for flavor. No added butter, salt, or milk. I did add some butter to my whole wheat toast. It’s all about balance! This will keep me full throughout the morning, and although I might snack a little on some fruit or nuts, I can make it to lunch and have energy to chase my babies around with this easy meal.

3. This is what most mornings look like in our house, especially when James and Ella wake up at the same time! It’s diapers for both, bottle for Ella, juice for James, and a little PBS. All before 7:30! If I’m lucky I can finish a hot cup of coffee during this time too. We usually read a few books and play a little before going to eat breakfast.

4. Besides playtime tomorrow at a local church, a vet appointment for one of our dogs, and dinner at my in-laws, we don’t have much planned this week! It’s supposed to be freezing, so we probably wont get outside. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of “Winter Fun” activities to add to the page, so look out for those.

5. I’ll leave you with this amazing quote from Ashton Kutcher. Like we need another reason to love this guy. His family is absolutely adorable, and this quote couldn’t be more true. Thank you Honest Company for providing me with this piece of insight for my day. Love them too! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week :).

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