Cooking Dinner with Two Under Two

Dinnertime is an interesting time in our house. It usually involves James becoming bored with his toys, Ella waking from her afternoon nap and wanting to eat, and Mama ready to throw in the towel and put the kids to bed. What can I say? Life is monotonous as a stay at home mom (exciting and fun, but monotonous) and I am ready to have some help from my husband by 5 pm. Once he joins our circus, I get my second wind and can enjoy dinner with my family!

Tonight, Chris was a bit busier with work than usual (a little frustrating because he is working from the other room but I am getting better about this!)
and I decided to let James “help” me with dinner. In other words, I decided that with the recipe I was trying out tonight (cauliflower pizzas) that I needed a little more time to prepare, and I would simply let James do what he wanted while I cooked dinner. So I blocked us both in the kitchen/dining room and let him go crazy! It was kind of refreshing to let go of my perfectionist self for a little while and watch him having fun while trashing our dining room. Here’s a photo to document this, and to prove to everyone that I did let my toddler make a mess.

I have to admit, sometimes (as long as they’re safe), toddlers deserve to push the boundaries and make a mess! Which tonight included taking each and every piece of construction paper out of the bin and throwing it all over the floor. At least he was proud of himself that he can say the word paper now! That scene was not documented.

Anyway, he had a great time and I accomplished having dinner on the table by 6pm. Here is a photo of our delicious and pretty simple (but time-consuming) cauliflower pizzas.

Mushroom and onion for us, and plain *extra* cheese for James!

This recipe can be found by clicking here. Although I probably wont make this an every week thing, just because of the time that goes into it, it will definitely be added to our recipe list and used again in the future!

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