Monday Minute

Happy Monday! I wasn’t so happy when I woke up this morning…James took forever to get to sleep last night (it was like he was scared of his crib) and Ella woke up every few hours. I felt like a zombie when 6 am rolled around. This is how I felt:

By nap time, I felt like this:

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you get it. If you’re a mom, you get it too. I only had so much time and I had to decide whether I should shower, sleep, eat, or workout! Working out was put to the bottom of my list unfortunately. I’ll have to complete my last day of Core de Force when the babies are in bed tonight! You win some, you lose some 🙂

After I showered, I felt much better. Here’s what’s going on in our house this week:

  1. Duffy finally got a haircut! Doesn’t he just look adorable? Duffy was our second fur baby and is a lovable 3 year old Goldendoodle.

2. A bit of organization 

When you have two babies, you have a ton of baby stuff! As my mom moves out of our house this weekend, I’m trying to get her room (the new playroom) organized and our baby stuff in its place. Ella is becoming more active, Since I don’t really have a safe place to put her when I need to do something quickly, I brought out the exersaucer. I don’t love to put babies in here for long amounts of time, and she would much rather be lying on the playmat or a blanket, but it’s a great tool when you need it, and super fun too! James loved sitting in Ella’s co-sleeper too, which I can get rid of soon because she’s growing out of it!

3. Finishing Core de Force

This is my last day of 30 days doing my favorite Beachbody workout so far, Core de Force. It’s an awesome MMA style workout that has you kicking, punching, jumping, doing push-ups, and everything else in between! I absolutely love it. I’m going to start Round 2 tomorrow, which is just a slightly harder variation. Here you can see my “transformation” so far. It’s obviously a huge one because last year at this time I was pregnant with Ella, and the year before I was pregnant with James. I felt pretty good during both pregnancies, and put on about 30 lbs each time. Since they were right after one another, I felt like I had a lot of weight to lose after Ella was born. I am slowly getting there, and with each day feel more confident about myself! I will post before and after photos of my Core de Force results soon.

4. Hopefully some fun outings

Hopefully we will make it out and about this week! I’ve heard that some winter weather is about to hit our area, which could keep us indoors, but I’d love to get to the library tomorrow and Wednesday, so fingers crossed! Here’s a photo from storytime last week. James absolutely loves listening to stories, singing and dancing, and playing with other kiddos his age.

5. Cousin Love

This photo is from Chris’ grandparents’ 60th anniversary party we attended on Saturday. I thought I’d add it because the love that James shares with his cousin is SO adorable. You can’t put it into words how much he adores Landon. Cousin love is unlike any other love.

Have a fabulous Monday and week ahead!


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