Friday Fitness

TGIF! This week flew by, thank goodness! We have a fun-filled weekend coming up – my mom is moving out tomorrow, which is a little bittersweet. We are SO happy for her and her new adventure in her home, but will all miss having her here a lot, especially James. We’re going to help her move tomorrow, and then Sunday is Superbowl! I love Superbowl, not because of the game ūüėČ but because we get to eat yummy food! We have a few recipes we are going to try out, and I’ll post those Sunday! ¬†For today, here are some tips of mine to getting in your workout and keeping your kids active, even in these chilly days of winter!

The first thing I¬†make sure to do every morning is plan out our day. We have a rough schedule that we follow around naps and eating of course, but are totally flexible depending on the day. I try to get “out” every day at least once. This might include going to storytime or a playgroup, to the grocery store or Target, to the park if it’s nice, or just playing outside. It’s definitely difficult to get out in the winter, but it makes us all happier, and it’s great for kids to get air! Yesterday afternoon it was super sunny and about 35 degrees, so we all bundled up and took a long walk.

It’s a little windy in our neighborhood, but James didn’t mind! We had a great walk, and it was a nice¬†exercise for me too. I forgot to mention that when we played outside earlier, I pulled James all around the yard in his sled! That was an extra workout for me :). Luckily Chris works from home so he can watch Ella on the monitor as she naps when we play outside. Here she is on our walk. I’m SO glad she likes the stroller now. She even dozed off for a little. When she was a newborn, she hated walks!

Can you see her in there?!

One of our favorite foods as a family to fuel our busy schedule is eggs. They are extremely versatile, you can add any flavor to them, they are a great source of protein, and they are toddler approved! One of my favorite ways to have them is simply over-medium with wheat toast. James loves a fried egg in the middle of a piece of toast with cheese (egg in a basket), and Chris loves scrambled or over easy. A veggie omelet is one of my favorites as well. What are your favorite egg recipes?

 As far as an organized form of exercise goes, I finished my Core de Force month program, and I am going to begin round 2 in two weeks. This week and next I am trying out Beachbody on Demand, an awesome service that gives you access to ALL of their workout programs online whenever, wherever you want! I am loving T25 right now. All of the workouts are under 30 minutes, easy to do, and I can fit them in even with the kids around.

To add to your workout, you can always throw in some ab exercises, planks or push-ups! Adding even 5 minutes a day and working towards a longer goal is an awesome start.

Even this girly loves exercises on her tummy now that she’s rolling around!

Well, we’re off to give Ella a bath, which James likes to “help” me with! Hope you all have a fantastic FRIDAY!!

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