18 Months Already!

My baby is 18 months old today! There’s something so sentimental about your firstborn meeting their milestones and growing up. It feels like yesterday that I first held him in my arms and how he is old enough to run into my arms.

James has grown into such a curious, smart, funny toddler and has such a strong personality already. He brightens my days with his smile and laugh, and challenges me to be a better mommy as well, as we hit the wonderful toddler years of power struggles :).

He really is a great kid to be around! He’s so kind and gentle towards his baby sister, and loves to perform and sing in front of his family. Here’s a look back at his first 18 months.

Baby James, born August 11, 2015 at 9 lbs 3 oz

James at 3 months old!

James at 6 months old!

Our first visit to the ocean, when James was about 10 months old

Our one year old big boy!

When we welcomed James’ little sister into the world at 13 months old

James is doing so many things at 18 months! In my opinion, it is a huge milestone! He is
becoming more aware of his surroundings and less egocentric, wanting to please and impress the adults around him.

He says so many words and a few phrases and sentences here and there. He can definitely tell me what he wants now, which makes communication so much easier! It also makes certain times challenging, when he realizes that he can’t get what he wants. The toddler years can be challenging but exciting, as toddlers understand so much but still have difficulty expressing themselves using words!

James is in love with his sister Ella, and showers her with kisses and hugs every day. To everyone who is debating having kids close in age – it is challenging at times, but so rewarding. There is nothing better than watching my two babies grow closer every day.

James has grown so much physically, not so much in his weight, but in his abilities. He can run, jump and climb, and is so much more confident physically than he was a few months ago.

Some of his favorite things include farm animals (especially horses), his letter magnets, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, his car track, his play kitchen, reading, and playing outside.

We are so in love with our 18 month old boy, and no matter how old he gets, he will always be my mama’s boy! Happy 18 months James!

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