Spring Bucket List for a Toddler and Baby

This afternoon while I was eating lunch in peace (during nap time of course), I realized a few things. I could hear multiple cars’ radios as they drove by, which means their windows were open, the sun was shining brightly through my curtains, the heat hadn’t kicked on in a few days, and I saw people walking by with no coats. This can only mean one thing – SPRING is in the air!

I know this is a little premature since it’s only February, but the 60 degree temps we’re hitting this week are getting me SO excited for spring, and it will be here before we know it!

Since James will be older this year and able to enjoy the nice weather a lot more, I put together a quick list of things I can’t wait to do with him!

As a kindergarten teacher, I couldn’t get enough of spring. The themes were endless, the holidays were plentiful, and we got to hatch our own baby chicks! What could be better than watching my students come out of their winter hibernation, shed their cold weather clothing and enjoy the great outdoors?

Watching my own kids do it of course!

Last year James was only a month older than Ella is now, so I know what to expect from her as the nice weather approaches. (Another great perk to having babies so close; you know what to expect!) I love to set up an exersaucer outside on our patio so we can spend time outside, and it will be great for when James and I are running around in the yard this year. A large blanket with some toys is also my favorite. I hope she will be able to sit unassisted soon! For activities that send you out and about, baby-wearing is always useful as well.

Besides laying on the grass enjoying the sunshine, taking walks like we do year-round, and swimming, which we love in the summer, here are some things that I’m specifically excited to do with James this spring. It’s also a plus that most of the items on the list I remember from my childhood. Here’s to getting out of the house and less screen time this spring!

Here are some things I plan on doing this spring with my toddler and baby, and you should too!

1. SIDEWALK CHALK – A childhood favorite, and so easy and cheap!



4. SENSORY PLAY – Here is a great link to Easter Egg water play. You can also do a ton of buckets filled with things like flowers, rocks, grass, seeds, bird food, etc. if your child is obsessed with chicks like mine is :). I usually grab items for sensory play at the $1 Store or Target! The best part about spring is that you can do sensory play outside.


6. VISIT A LOCAL FARM OR ZOO – I can’t wait to visit farms and our local “animal land” since James is obsessed with animals these days!

7. DIG IN THE DIRT, PICK FLOWERS, OR PLANT A GARDEN – We have some pretty flowers that grow at our house, including hydrangea and peonies, and I may start a small garden with James this year so he can be part of the gardening too!



My sweet little bunny last year.

10. MAKE AN OBSTACLE COURSE – Throw a bunch of items from the garage out in the yard in an obstacle course form, and go through it with your toddler!

11. PAINT OUTSIDE – Place a large roll of paper out on the grass and bring out those finger paints! For a great homemade paint recipe, click here!

12. PLAY IN THE SANDBOX – James will love driving his dump trucks all through our sandbox this year, and playing with the sand as well!

13. ROCK ART – We love this activity indoors now, but I can’t wait to bring it outside! You can also use rocks to write letters or numbers on for a fun educational activity too.


15. OUTDOOR BALL PLAY – Over the years we’ve collected a variety of different sized balls, and every time James sees them in the garage he wants to play with them. Once the snow is melted, he’ll love to run wild!

16. VISIT THE FARMER’S MARKET – I can’t wait for our farmer’s market to get outside this year. James will really love it, and I think Ella will enjoy seeing all the people as well.

17. SPEND TIME BY A BODY OF WATER  – We have a lot of water near us! Whether it’s the river, lakes or streams, James loves seeing water and I know he will love watching the boats go by this year by the river.

18. PLAY ON THE PLAYGROUND – James only started to walk at the end of summer last year, so he never really got to practice his skills on the playground! This year, I plan to wear Ella in our baby carrier (I love my lightweight Boba for the nice weather) and play, play, play!

19. PICK FRESH FRUIT – We have some great small farms around here where you can go and pick fresh blueberries and strawberries in the spring and summer. A perfect activity that gives your toddler some independence while teaching them about natural, local eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

20. HAVE A PICNIC – love eating lunch outside in the spring! Not too hot, not too cold. So many things to see, hear and smell.

Can you tell spring is my favorite season?

I love how our bucket list includes a ton of easy activities that can be accomplished right at home with little planning. Although I always welcome another adult, like my husband or a grandma or friend 🙂 to come along with us on our adventures, I’m confident that I could do any of the above with both kiddos.

Stay tuned for some of my favorite spring crafts!

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