Ella is 6 Months!

Ella is 6 Months Old! 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been half a year since miss Ella was born! The first year certainly flies, especially with the second child. Ella is such a sweet pea, and already her brother’s best bud. Not much has changed since last month, but here are some updates!


Ella takes 3 naps a day; sometimes 4 if she wakes up early and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. All naps are about an hour long. She sleeps at night from 7-6 on average, waking up twice to eat. Everyone tells me this is normal, but I was so used to James sleeping right through the night from early on! She goes right back to sleep after eating. Ella has “graduated” from her Merlin’s Sleepsuit, and is doing great without it. I think she loves having her arms up by her head and also sleeps on her side now. I wonder when she is going to start tummy sleeping!


Ella eats around 32 oz/day. Depending on our day, she will usually eat 5-6 oz bottles every 4 hours. We just started introducing some pureed food into her diet, and so far she has tried oatmeal, avocado, squash and apples. She loves opening her mouth for food, but most of it ends up on her bib! It’s amazing how much more care-free I am with her compared to James, especially when it comes to eating. I truly believe that the first year is for breast milk or formula, and solids are for experimentation and fun, for the most part. I was a crazy scheduler when it came to James eating solids, and a little stressed out. For Ella, I have a feeling she will be mostly eating when and what we are for the convenience! Still, I enjoy making baby food and will be posting about making and storing purees soon! I’ve already done some pea and pear purees for her.


Ella is still super smiley and pretty easy-going, although I know she can’t wait to be able to sit unassisted. She almost does a sit-up when she’s laying flat now, and quickly rolls all over and onto her tummy. She is content playing on her tummy as long as she has a teether or toy. She has become quite impatient with this, I think because James never lets her be without one! She loves to let out high-pitched screams, when she is happy and upset! I feel like she is going to get a tooth any day, but I’ve said this for the last two months. She never stops drooling and chewing!

Recently, we’ve brought up the Baby Einstein bouncer for her to hang out in, and she loves it!

Height and Weight 

We actually had Ella’s 6 month appointment this morning, and she did very well! She loves all of the doctors…until they start poking and sticking her with needles :(. Ella is 16 lbs (50th percentile) and 80th percentile for height. I forget the exact inch measurement again!

Overall, Ella is our little sweet pea, and the most adorable, happy addition to our family that we could have asked for. I feel grateful to be her mommy every day. Even at 2:00 in the morning ;). I love watching her and James grow into lifelong friends, and I can’t believe that in another 6 months I will have a one year old and a two year old!

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