Monday Minute

I don’t know about you, but when I have a particularly busy weekend I feel so unorganized when Monday morning comes! Usually I would feel exhausted and sad that the weekend was over, but today I am choosing to embrace the mess, enjoy my babies, and be thankful to be home after a busy few days.

This weekend was great. Saturday, I got to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie with my mom and relive my childhood! I also made a trip to Trader Joe’s with James, which I absolutely love but don’t get to often, and we took a nice long walk as a family. Saturday night Chris and I ordered Mexican. It was the perfect family day!

Sunday was very different than usual and so refreshing. Chris got up with both babies and I got to sleep in a bit. Then we had an appointment to get our taxes done, and at first we thought about bringing both kids. Then Chris’ parents offered to babysit James because they had been wanting to take him for a while, and we agreed it would be the perfect opportunity! My mom then offered to watch Ella and all of a sudden it became a kid-free day! I can’t believe we actually had a day together without the kids. It is the first time that this has ever happened, and I must say it was very refreshing.

Before our tax appointment, we enjoyed a hot breakfast at a local diner and after the appointment we ran some errands. Who knew that getting our taxes done could turn into a date?! After our errands we literally ran home and relaxed for a little bit. Although I did feel moments of mom-guilt, I definitely enjoyed the silence and relaxation overall. And I had nothing to worry about anyway – our kids were with their beloved grandparents! We headed over to get James after he woke up from his nap and then joined my family at my mom’s house for dinner. We had chicken with roasted carrots, acorn squash, mac and cheese and homemade applesauce. The perfect end to a perfect day. We may have to do this more often! 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, it is SO important to take care of yourself as a mommy. I don’t always follow my own advice, but this weekend I embraced it! Taking some time away from the kids when I am with them all day and night is a nice way to force myself to think about my needs and to clear my mind as well. Plus, they had so much fun!

Here’s what’s going on in our house this week:

Since the weekend was so busy, I am playing catch-up today on all things house related. I have a ton of laundry to fold, dishes to put away, and toilets to clean. Sounds fun, right?! Honestly, I enjoy this stuff these days…oh how things change! And after a great weekend with family I am forcing myself to relax and take my time with all of those things.

1. Kids 

This morning James and I built a huge house out of big waffle blocks, played with his farm animals for about an hour, and I caught him trying to teach Ella how to clap. He was bringing both of her hands together and saying, “Clap, clap, clap!” She was literally in awe of him with a huge smile on her face. It’s moments like these that make everything else worth it. After playing we ran a few errands. On the way home, James begged me for a bagel and started screaming it at the top of his lungs; when he said “Please Mama!!!” I caved and we stopped at Dunkin Donuts :). I love that he can communicate what he wants now.

Ella is sitting for a few minutes on her own now, especially when she has a toy like this in front of her. She loves her big play cube that we got for Christmas! I can’t believe how fast this first year is going.

2. Fitness

We are jumping back on the fitness wagon this week and heading to the gym tomorrow. I plan to take a big walk this afternoon since it’s pretty nice out. Thank goodness our colds are pretty much gone and we can hopefully get out of the house more this week.

3. Food 

I pretty much eat whatever I want on the weekends, and even though I’m not on a diet, it’s nice to let loose a little and not worry about being as healthy as I am all week. Because this weekend was so full, I didn’t get to meal plan and prep the way I usually do. Tonight I plan to make some yummy peanut butter avocado cookies and Greek egg muffin cups. I will update you later this week on how they came out!

What’s on the menu this week?

To make things easy, we are having leftovers from the weekend one night, salmon one night, and turkey chili in the crock pot. Here are some of my favorite things I plan to use this week too!

My Mom’s Famous Applesauce! Great for babies 😉 

Yogurt Smoothies from our local Farmer’s Market. James loves them!

Avocados! So versatile and great for babies too 🙂 

TOFU! Oh boy, I have no idea what I’m going to do with this. If you have any recipes using tofu, please share! I love tofu when I get it out at restaurants, but I’ve never cooked with it before! Wish me luck 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to go put away dishes ;). Have a wonderful afternoon!

For fun, I’m revisiting my post on my “almost” Irish Twins today found here. It will be featured on the Blended Life Happy Wife blog later tonight!

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