Monday Minute – Easter Week

This is a special week for me, and probably my favorite time of year. Easter brings back so many memories for me from my childhood, and spring has always been my favorite season. Maybe because my birthday is in less than a month ;). I love the warm, but not too hot, weather, and the feeling of everyone coming out of hibernation from winter. Open windows, kids playing outside, the feeling of new life.

Easter is nostalgic for sure. Growing up in a Catholic Italian family and attending Catholic school, this may have been the most important day of the year! I can smell my great-grandmother’s Easter bread cooking, I can taste the sweet frosting on our famous “ginette” cookies, and I can hear my mom and Mema talking in the kitchen. I think it’s so special too because so many of the memories I had, I will be able to pass down to my kids now. I know we will create the famous Easter egg hunt, eat all of our favorite things that only come around once a year, and most importantly, instill the importance of the holiday onto them.

I don’t consider myself to be an extremely religious person right now, but my faith is definitely strong. When this time of year comes around, I can’t help but be brought back to my roots and be grateful for what I have and remember why we are so blessed. Good Friday was always a solemn day, and my cousins and I used to read the bible and have a pretend mass with our stuffed animals on this day. It sounds crazy to some, but our faith was so embedded into who we were! I am grateful for that, and I know it has made me the strong mom I am today.

Anyways, while I’m feeling extremely grateful for family and getting ready for Easter this week I thought I’d share some of the things going on here from the weekend and coming up!
1. This weekend was so much fun! We spent the majority of both Saturday and Sunday outside, and it felt so good. The kids also slept great from getting air and running around! (Well James ran around ;)). Saturday was pretty chilly, but we were still able to get outside and visit a local horse farm and rescue center. James loves farm animals and loved seeing real horses, donkeys and goats.

It was nice to see James and my nephew Landon holding hands and having fun together. I can already picture them a few years down the road! Growing up with such a close relationship with my cousins makes me so grateful for the bond that these two already share. They are the cutest!


This place was so neat – all of the animals had been rescued from abuse or neglect and now get to live a life of freedom and love. I have a deep love for animals and it makes me so happy to know that these ones get a second chance :).

Seriously, how cute are these guys?!

It was a great day with family, and since my mom babysat Ella, James was able to get some quality time with both of us, which really never happens!

2. We also got to spend a lot of time outside on Sunday. It was gorgeous! Just the kind of weather I love. Sunny and 60’s.

It was the first time Ella has really spent a lot of time outside, besides being in her stroller. She loved getting fresh air! We are definitely looking forward to more warm weather to come 🙂

3. This week has me thinking about family, and it makes sense because my mom is having a hip replacement today. She already had her other hip done, and I know this will be an easy surgery and recovery, but anytime a loved one is in the hospital, it’s a little scary! Being a mom now myself, and a little more busy than I was when I was pregnant with James the first time she had this done, I don’t always get the time to sit back and think. I wish I could be there with her when she goes into surgery and I hope she knows how important she is to me. Sometimes we take the people we love for granted, and when you become a mom, you definitely appreciate your own mom more. Good luck today Mom, I know you’ll be strong and do great!

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about needing my mom more than ever, now that I’m a mom myself. <3

4. One of my favorite pieces was posted in Scary Mommy and can be found here. As a mom it’s easy to wish time away, wish for the kids to be older, etc. but this beautifully written article by another mom urges us to embrace the season we are in, and be grateful for where we are right now. I always feel this way when spring and Easter come around, and I am going to do my best to follow this advice as a mom too. Some days I want to fast forward time to 7:00 when I can get some alone time! Especially when James wakes up early and wakes Ella, like this morning 😉 At the same time, I want to pause many moments and listen to my babies laugh over and over.

Embrace your family, be grateful for the sunshine, reflect on what Easter means to you, and focus on positivity and new life this spring and this week.

Stay tuned for some fun Easter crafts, and of course egg dyeing! Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “Monday Minute – Easter Week

  1. Kayla O'Neill says:

    Easter is one of my favorite times of year…maybe because I was born on Easter! 🙂 Love all the outside time and fresh air…definitely helps my little guy sleep too! It looks like your little one loved meeting all the animals…how fun!

  2. Janani viswanathan says:

    I loved reading this. Spending quality time will add perfect value to our family. My best wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery. And you are right! We love our Moms even more after we become moms. 😊

  3. Elizabeth Voyles says:

    Easter is a great time to think about embracing family. I also grew up close with my cousins like you mentioned and try to nurture the bond my daughters have with their cousins because it was special for me.

  4. Karen. says:

    Caitlin, I am so glad you have such wonderful memories and that you are determined to pass this on to James & Ella❤️. I am doing great!! Knowing that James & Ella are well cared for is your greatest gift to me! Love you so much,


  5. AMB says:

    This was a wonderful reflective post about the holiday for you as a child and how you view it for your kiddos. I’ve read that post you referred to about enjoying our kids now and not wishing for them to grow up too fast. Happy Easter 🙂

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