Friday Favorites – Easter Crafts!

It’s been such a busy week, and a beautiful sunny one as well! One of my favorite things about this week was getting ready for Easter and creating these adorable crafts with James.

In this post, I’ll share 5 Easter activities that are developmentally appropriate for toddlers. Enjoy!

It can be tough to find activities that are developmentally appropriate for toddlers around age 2. The activity needs to be somewhat structured but allow them to use their creativity and motor skills. You don’t want to do the entire activity for them, but since they lack the skills (and self-control) to do many things when it comes to art, they need a lot of help!

These 5 Easter activities (mostly crafts) are just perfect for toddlers. They’re easy, not too time-consuming, and engaging and appealing to little ones. Especially my son, who loves animals and eggs lately!

1. Dyeing Easter Eggs 

This activity is non-negotiable in our house when Easter comes around, even before we had kids! Hard-boiled eggs are so yummy on their own, they become even more appealing when they are dyed beautiful spring colors!

This year I went cheap and easy and bought an egg dyeing kit at Target. It came with 12 colors, glitter, stickers, and a wax crayon of course (hello childhood!). James actually loved to hold the eggs and place them in the colored water.

I saw this technique online the other day – give your toddler a whisk to hold the egg so that it doesn’t crack! It’s great, except that we wanted to dye multiple eggs at the same time and I don’t have 12 whisks! But I would recommend it anyway :).

We used a ton of glitter, although it’s hard to see in the photo, and used the stickers to create an Easter picture on paper instead of on the eggs. We had so much fun!

2. Handprint Chick

This little guy was so easy to make, and James played with him for a while! Some of my craft must-haves include googly eyes and cardstock paper. I use them all the time. This chick is cut out of an oval on cardstock and his wings are James’ traced hands. Coloring with markers with a toddler can be intimidating but I would encourage it, with help. Toddlers can work on holding the marker, controlling the strokes, and focusing on a task. He was able to color most of the chick, and I went over it after and made sure it was all yellow! So cute!

3. Greeting Cards 

I love finger print art! I once had my kindergarten class (of 18 students) create a custom calendar as a Christmas gift for their parents, which entailed helping each student make 12 fingerprint pictures! It came out adorable, but it was so time consuming!

This craft is a great way to create your own greeting cards. All you do is use your toddler’s finger print to create a scene. James’ thumbprint is the bunny above and his pointer finger is used for the chicks. When we were done with the card he loved using his fingers to make dots on paper!

4. Cotton Ball Bunny

This cute bunny was made using cardstock paper and cotton balls. We used Ella’s face for this example but James has one too! This activity is great for helping toddlers with self-control as they squeeze the glue bottle, using one dot for each cotton ball. He also loved putting the cotton balls around her face 🙂

5. Paper Eggs 

For this craft, I cut out 6 eggs from cardstock paper. We created color blocks by using painter’s tape to create lines on the eggs and then paint on top. We used cotton balls, cotton swabs and paintbrushes to make the designs. James also wanted to use markers on a few eggs.

I love simple activities like this because you can do anything you want with it! We created a shape egg and reviewed shapes, and practiced colors too while doing so. Then James played with the eggs and loved carrying them around in his basket.

He gets so serious when he paints!

I hope you enjoyed our Easter crafts and get some ideas of your own! Have a great weekend, holiday, and enjoy the beginning of spring because we sure are!

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