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Happy Monday! ^ That’s what we’ve been up to!! ^ It’s been tough to write recently with everything going on, but I’ve really missed my little corner of the Internet, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to put more time into my blog. Now that the weather is changing (very slowly ūüėČ ) we have been out and about more and James is loving it. In the past few weeks we’ve gone on hikes, played outside a lot, visited farms and played with baby animals, and spent lots of time with Nonnie (my mom) who is home from work after her hip surgery. Here’s what’s going on with me and my two under two!

Here are some fun and exciting things we’ve been up to lately, besides looking at houses and trying to sell ours!

  1. We have some exciting news about our move¬†– we are under contract and have found our next home! There are still a lot of details that need to be sorted out, but if all goes well in the next few weeks, we should be moved in by the beginning of summer. We are so excited to move to a newer home with 3 acres of beautiful land. I can’t wait to share this new adventure with my husband, kids and fur babies of course. I will share more details as time goes on :).

2. We had an amazing kid-free weekend in Ogunquit, Maine. It was my birthday Saturday, and although we didn’t plan this weekend for my birthday, I didn’t mind it falling on the same day! It was the first time we have been away from the kids for the night so I was a little apprehensive. Luckily, both babies had a great weekend (James with my in-laws and Ella with my mom) and the trip was a complete success!

I spent a ton of my childhood in Ogunquit and it is definitely my favorite vacation spot. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and the seafood is to die for. I’m not a total lobster fan, but it is incredible here. Both Chris and I joked that the weekend was just going to be for eating, and¬†we couldn’t have been happier with the yummy treats we enjoyed. I didn’t take many photos of the food, but here’s our appetizer at Barnacle Billy’s in Perkins Cove.

Steamed clams, white wine, and a view of the harbor. What could be better? For my entrée I ordered the filet mignon, and Chris got lobster in a butter sauce. They were both amazing!

For lunch Saturday we hit up Mike’s Clam Shack and I had a fried haddock¬†sandwich with clam chowder. If you like New England clam chowder, you¬†have to visit Ogunquit! It might be one of my favorite foods. Chris got scallops and lobster stew and we both enjoyed the Kentucky Derby with some beers ;).

For breakfast Sunday we enjoyed our favorite place for omelettes, The Omelet Factory.

I skipped the omelet (always so hard for me to choose between sweet and savory!) and ordered french toast stuffed with cream cheese with a warm blueberry sauce. Ahh, SO delicious! I made the right choice for sure ;).

In between eating we walked the Marginal Way (even though it wasn’t a beautiful weekend, the views were still incredible), shopped a little in Ogunquit and spent some time in the hotel room relaxing, without kids! I felt a little guilty this weekend but I know James and Ella had a wonderful time with their grandparents and every parent needs a little break sometime. We were definitely ready for ours and I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated!

What a great weekend and birthday.

3. Here’s what’s been¬†Ella and James have been up to!

Getting a fresh haircut for the nice weather. I can’t believe how big he looks! He was so good with the clippers too!

Sesame Street Live was James’ first “show.” He was mesmerized at first, and loved the singing and dancing. He clapped after every song! By intermission all of the toddlers seemed to be losing it though and James had a difficult time sitting still! We left a few minutes early, but overall it was a great show and experience ;).

Trying out the trampoline park near us. They have a great toddler time a few days a week where only toddlers can jump, which is so nice! James loved it, and had a terrific nap that day of course. Ella enjoyed cuddling with Mommy and watching everyone jump too.

Ella is getting SO big! She loves to play with James and is doing so much on her own, it’s crazy! She turned 8 months this Saturday. You can find her monthly update HERE.

These two are so sweet. I can’t imagine them ever fighting, but I know the time will come. Right now I am enjoying my two under two and their love for each other :).

We visited a local farm and played with so many baby animals. James is obsessed with animals and farms, and was absolutely in his glory this day! I would strongly recommend finding a farm near you to visit this spring. It’s so much fun for toddlers and moms too!

I think his favorite part was chasing the chickens!

Stay tuned for our first swimming lesson update next week! I can’t wait for James to experience the water since every time we walk by the pool at the gym he is mesmerized!

I thought this was hilarious and I just had to share. That’s all for now with my two under two! We have some fun activities planned for the week, plan to get back on track with clean eating, and are enjoying having Daddy home today too.

Have a great Monday!

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