Ella is 9 Months Old!

This baby girl is 9 months old today! I can’t believe that in just 3 short months Ella will be a year old. The first year really does fly. Well, they all do! I couldn’t be more in love with our sweet little ball of energy, and although she drives me crazy sometimes, she also makes me the happiest mommy in the world <3.

We’ve been so busy lately with organizing for our move in a few weeks, but I just had to come on and share all of the new things Ella has been up to in the last month! She is growing and changing like crazy, and really becoming her own little person.


Sweet pea is sleeping through the night most nights now! She usually goes to sleep around 7:00 and wakes up around 6:00, sometimes a little earlier or later. Once or twice a week she will wake up around 4 or 5 and I will feed her, then she goes back to sleep until 8ish. This kind of messes up the schedule, but as the second child, her schedule is very flexible anyway! She likes to stand anywhere she can now, so if she ends up waking and standing up during the night it takes her a few minutes to go back to sleep, and I am trying to let her do this independently. This is probably the thing that my husband and I have argued the most over the past two years – sleep training. I just cannot listen to my babies cry! Thank goodness she is outgrowing the need to wake frequently at night, and we are all getting more sleep now.


This girl can eat! She LOVES solid foods and her pouches, and eats everything we do. She has tried all kinds of foods including different spices and textures, peanut butter and eggs, and loves it all. She actually loves food so much that she is beginning to refuse the bottle. She is showing her independence in all sorts of ways lately! 😉


Speaking of independence, this photo describes our goofy girl perfectly. She always has a smile to give, but is very dramatic if she doesn’t approve of something, like her walker recently. She just loves to be on the ground and explore, crawling and standing up all over the place! She is able to stand for a few seconds on her own now too. This makes it very difficult for mommy to get things done, and I can’t put her anywhere stationery for more than a few minutes without her getting upset! This is where food helps me out ;).

She is silly and lovable, and makes so many noises and sounds lately! She loves to screech, say “Dada” and growl like a lion too.

Ella has started waving her hands when you wave to her, although it’s not a very distinct motion yet. She loves all of her brother’s toys and refuses to play with her own! She also loves all things babies usually do – boxes, kitchen utensils, water bottles, etc. 😉

You can find her pulling herself up near the tv whenever it is on; and then you will hear James yell, “Ewa, NO DOORS!” because he loves to keep her in line.

It’s amazing to watch their relationship grow, and fun that they can actually play together more now.

Of course, she doesn’t always appreciate his affection ;).

Ella loves to be outside, in the swing, and sitting like a big girl in the double stroller.

Height and Weight 

Ella did great at her 9 month appointment yesterday, and I did well too because she didn’t need any vaccinations! She weighs in at 18.5 lbs (55th percentile) and is 28.5 in long (85th percentile). The doctor was impressed with her happy personality and strong physical abilities, and mentioned that I must be busy since Ella did not love that she had to sit still or be held! Don’t worry, I hear that phrase a lot 😉

Ella also has her two bottom teeth now, and is cutting two on the top sides. She is a joy to be around and so much fun every day. Happy 9 months Ella!


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