Books and Activities to Promote Sibling Bonds

This post is written by Vicki Wilkinson at Babies to Bookworms. Here you’ll find some awesome activities for siblings to share together, plus a few great children’s books about siblings to read to your children. Check out Babies to Bookworms for some other fun activities that promote hands-on learning and literacy. Something I feel passionate about as well!

Siblings have a special bond. They share memories of their childhood and upbringing that others won’t know or understand. Even when siblings argue and bicker, they are building a relationship that no one else can duplicate. There are a lot of great books about siblings out there and many fun activities you can do with your kids to help them develop lifelong friendships and memories they will cherish.

What Brothers Do Best and What Sisters Do Best are written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. These books list a wide variety of fun things that brothers and sisters do best, from pushing you on a swing to teaching you how to swim. The bright and colorful illustrations and the adorable animal characters are sure to entertain kids, while parents will appreciate the reminder for kids of all the great things siblings can do together. There are a lot of fun activities you can do to remind kids how to work together, and to appreciate their siblings.

Learning to Work Together

Three Legged Obstacle Course– This spin on the classic 3 legged race is a great activity to get kids working together for a common goal. Use a scarf to tie one child’s left leg to the other child’s right leg. Have them maneuver through a simple obstacle course together, going around furniture and pillows. Remind them to use teamwork to get around all the obstacles.

Balloon Walk – This is a fun game which encourages kids to work together while having a lot of fun. Blow up a balloon and set up a starting line and a finish line. Have kids figure out how to get the balloon from start to finish together without using their hands. They can hold it between themselves hip to hip or back to back. They could also volley it back and forth using their heads or feet. See how many different ways they can work together!

Team Art Project – Have kids create an art project together using only one hand each. You can have kids put on a giant t-shirt together so both heads are in the neck hole and one arm each comes out the arm holes. You could also have them put one arm around each other and only use their free hand. They will have to work together to get their supplies, open them, use them, and put them away.

Sharing love through art

What I Love About My Sibling  – This is a simple craft project can be kept around the house and used to remind kids why they love their siblings when they are getting on each other’s nerves (not that it ever happens with siblings!). Have kids decorate the edges of a paper with whatever craft supplies you would like. When they are done, place the page in a frame. Have kids use a dry erase marker to write what they love about their siblings on the glass or plastic covering their art. They can erase the marker and write something new when they need a reminder. They can also add to it when they want to thank or recognize their sibling. Leave these out on a tabletop where they can see them and be reminded.

How Well Do You Know Your Sibling? – Come up with questions to ask your kids about each other. Do they know their favorite TV shows, foods, activities, books, etc? See which sibling knows the other sibling best! You can encourage kids to come up with their own questions as well!

The bond between siblings is an important one. Even though there are days when they bicker, they are developing lifelong relationships. By sharing a love of reading and some fun activities, you can help them to create more memories as they grow!


Vicki is a stay at home mother of a beautiful young daughter and has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Vicki is an avid bookworm and a crafter and started a blog to share her love of books, learning and teaching, and her belief that learning opportunities are everywhere!

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  1. Liz says:

    These are great ideas on how to promote sibling bonding. My girls both love their brother, but need to do a little bonding between the two of them. We will try some of these activities to see if it helps them!

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