Toddler Snacks

Snack Plates

One thing that I can always count on James to eat is a plate full of his favorite snacks. Since he is not a fan of veggies these days, they usually include a fruit, grain, and hopefully some kind of protein. I love these plates because they give him control and a choice in what he wants to eat, although he doesn’t give me many options usually! They are also portable, and can be brought to the living room with us so he can graze while playing or while I’m feeding Ella. The plates I use are from a local children’s toy store which sells all natural and organic toys, clothes, and utensils for kids. I love them! I will get the name later; unfortunately I don’t remember it 🙂

Some of the food ideas pictured above include apple slices, blueberries (his favorite food), peanut butter, veggie noodles, Annie’s mac and cheese, cheerios, Yogis, American cheese cut up,  and homemade sweet potato and banana mini muffins. If you think these snack plates look a bit on the large side, it’s because my boy is a snacker! No matter how long I leave between meals, he never eats a ton at breakfast or lunch. Therefore, in between meals we snack. Trust me, I’ve tried to limit the snacks, but this way works for us and he definitely eats more (and healthier) this way. James is quite stubborn and the veggie and meat eater he once was is nowhere to be found now unfortunately! We try to avoid power struggles at the table by eating together in a stress-free environment, and always offering what we are eating and a variety of foods.