Monthly Milestones

Ella is 9 months old!

I can’t believe that in just 3 short months Ella will be a year old. The first year really does fly. Well, they all do! I couldn’t be more in love with our sweet little ball of energy, and although she drives me crazy sometimes, she also makes me the happiest mommy in the world <3.

We’ve been so busy lately with organizing for our move in a few weeks, but I just had to come on and share all of the new things Ella has been up to in the last month! She is growing and changing like crazy, and really becoming her own little person.


Sweet pea is sleeping through the night most nights now! She usually goes to sleep around 7:00 and wakes up around 6:00, sometimes a little earlier or later. Once or twice a week she will wake up around 4 or 5 and I will feed her, then she goes back to sleep until 8ish. This kind of messes up the schedule, but as the second child, her schedule is very flexible anyway! She likes to stand anywhere she can now, so if she ends up waking and standing up during the night it takes her a few minutes to go back to sleep, and I am trying to let her do this independently. This is probably the thing that my husband and I have argued the most over the past two years – sleep training. I just cannot listen to my babies cry! Thank goodness she is outgrowing the need to wake frequently at night, and we are all getting more sleep now.


This girl can eat! She LOVES solid foods and her pouches, and eats everything we do. She has tried all kinds of foods including different spices and textures, peanut butter and eggs, and loves it all. She actually loves food so much that she is beginning to refuse the bottle. She is showing her independence in all sorts of ways lately! 😉


Speaking of independence, this photo describes our goofy girl perfectly. She always has a smile to give, but is very dramatic if she doesn’t approve of something, like her walker recently. She just loves to be on the ground and explore, crawling and standing up all over the place! She is able to stand for a few seconds on her own now too. This makes it very difficult for mommy to get things done, and I can’t put her anywhere stationery for more than a few minutes without her getting upset! This is where food helps me out ;).

She is silly and lovable, and makes so many noises and sounds lately! She loves to screech, say “Dada” and growl like a lion too.

Ella has started waving her hands when you wave to her, although it’s not a very distinct motion yet. She loves all of her brother’s toys and refuses to play with her own! She also loves all things babies usually do – boxes, kitchen utensils, water bottles, etc. 😉

You can find her pulling herself up near the tv whenever it is on; and then you will hear James yell, “Ewa, NO DOORS!” because he loves to keep her in line.

It’s amazing to watch their relationship grow, and fun that they can actually play together more now.

Of course, she doesn’t always appreciate his affection ;).

Ella loves to be outside, in the swing, and sitting like a big girl in the double stroller.

Height and Weight 

Ella did great at her 9 month appointment yesterday, and I did well too because she didn’t need any vaccinations! She weighs in at 18.5 lbs (55th percentile) and is 28.5 in long (85th percentile). The doctor was impressed with her happy personality and strong physical abilities, and mentioned that I must be busy since Ella did not love that she had to sit still or be held! Don’t worry, I hear that phrase a lot 😉

Ella also has her two bottom teeth now, and is cutting two on the top sides. She is a joy to be around and so much fun every day. Happy 9 months Ella!

Ella is 8 Months Old!

Ella is 8 months old and getting SO big! Physically and mentally 🙂 She is really becoming her own little person and it’s so fun to watch her grow and change. Here are some updates: 


Ella takes her naps around 8, 12, and 4, sometimes skipping the 3rd nap. Since she’s been waking up a little later in the morning (sleeping from 7-6ish) she sometimes doesn’t need the 3rd. She also loves her cat naps in the car and stroller. I honestly do not worry about her naps anymore. She sleeps when she’s tired, and is really great about staying awake when she wants to  without being crabby! She’s falling asleep completely on her own, and it’s so cute to watch her lay in her crib for a few minutes before getting comfy and falling asleep. Sometimes she talks to herself and sometimes she stares at her mobile. She still wakes once a night most nights and I’ve gotten used to feeding her a few oz at this point, but then she goes right back to sleep. Of course as I’m writing this, she decided to sleep straight from 7-6 last night! She’s getting better and better :). I’ve been getting a lot more sleep lately and we are all happier because of it. Thanks Ella! 🙂


Ella eats around 30 oz/day in 4-5 bottles and is loving solids still. She will eat anything I put in front of her and loves to experiment with new textures and tastes. I love feeding this girl! We always give her a taste of what we’re eating and she also gets one or two pouches or jars at each meal. She loves feeding herself pouches, oh my goodness! She would eat 3 in a row if I let her. She also loves watching her big brother eat and copying him.


Ella sits up on her own, rolls around in all directions, and is starting to crawl! She can get a few feet crawling and then bellyflops and inches herself forward. It’s the funniest thing to watch. No matter how she does it, if there’s something she wants across the room, she will get there. She is also starting to show interest in climbing and pulling herself up on me and her toys. She is a strong girl! Ella is “talkative,” happy, and loves playing with James. She loves being tickled and playing with Mommy’s zippers and earrings. She also loves the swings!

Height and Weight 

I have NO idea how much she weighs or how long she is! I can’t believe we have to wait another month for her 9 month appointment to find out her “stats”! She is wearing mostly 12 month clothes now.

How cute is this headband?!  I went a little headband crazy on Etsy the other day but I can’t help myself! She also has some adorable summer clothes I can’t wait to put her in :).

Oh, did I mention Ella is cutting her first tooth?! It’s the bottom left in front, and she is a real trooper about it. I wouldn’t have known unless I felt in there. Yay!

Look at that sweet smile. She just melts my heart and brightens my day. Happy 8 months Ella girl!


Ella is 7 Months Old!

The months keep flying, and my babies keep growing. Soon we wont be two under two anymore! But let’s not rush it :). Today my baby girl is 7 months old, and oh how much has changed in the last month! Here are the details –


Ella still takes 3 naps a day, but the last one is becoming shorter and shorter since she has been sleeping a little later in the morning and may not need it much longer. She also still sleeps at night from 7-6 on average, waking up twice to eat, but we have had a few times where she hasn’t woken up until 4ish to eat and then back to sleep til 6! She goes right back to sleep after eating and I’m trying to break her of this habit. Unfortunately, she is not too fond of a pacifier or rocking. She is great at falling asleep on her own initially but doesn’t always put herself back to sleep when she wakes up. So, I am still getting little sleep ;). Since last month she has started sleeping on her tummy, which has made life a bit harder! She doesn’t sleep as soundly, but definitely will not go back to the sleepsuit because she doesn’t want to be confined. All in time… I know I will be looking back on this time next year laughing about her sleeping habits! I know this because I have a toddler, and having babies so close reminds you that everything is a phase :).


Ella still eats around 32 oz/day and is loving solids. She has oatmeal once a day and has tried a bunch of fruits and veggies; too many to list. I am yet to find a food she doesn’t like! She loves eating avocado and banana, and has tried meatball but aside from those, I’m still pretty nervous to try baby led weaning. These few months fly by and I know that by this summer she will be eating everything we are! I love watching her experience new tastes and foods.



Ella is sitting up like a champ! She can sit for a while now and play with her brother, and loves to roll all around. She hasn’t started to crawl yet but I know she is close! She’s such a strong little girl and loves to stand on our laps. Ella is a happy baby who adores James and loves to smile. Not much makes her upset…except when we try to put her to sleep ;). She is beginning to show us her favorite toys and loves teething toys and soft books.

Height and Weight 

The last time we were at the doctor’s was when Ella was sick about two weeks ago. She weighed 17 lbs 5 oz. I’m not sure how long she is! I know she is at the top of percentiles for height though. She is wearing 9-12 month clothes, but mostly 12 month. I’ve definitely found that girl clothes are made much differently than boy clothes, and because some of the shirts are hard to get on, it takes her up a size. Plus how cute are long flowy shirts with leggings?! I’m loving girl clothes and bows.

Ella loves her family and goes with the flow. Being the second and so close to her brother probably makes her a more easy going baby, but I think it’s just her personality too. She has really come out of her shell this month! She’s babbling and uses noises and her facial expressions a lot more to show us how she feels.

She’s so lucky to have her big brother and big cousin looking out for her, and she definitely knows how to bring a smile to all of our faces.

We love you Ella!

Ella is 6 Months Old!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been half a year since miss Ella was born! The first year certainly flies, especially with the second child. Ella is such a sweet pea, and already her brother’s best bud. Not much has changed since last month, but here are some updates!


Ella takes 3 naps a day; sometimes 4 if she wakes up early and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. All naps are about an hour long. She sleeps at night from 7-6 on average, waking up twice to eat. Everyone tells me this is normal, but I was so used to James sleeping right through the night from early on! She goes right back to sleep after eating. Ella has “graduated” from her Merlin’s Sleepsuit, and is doing great without it. I think she loves having her arms up by her head and also sleeps on her side now. I wonder when she is going to start tummy sleeping!


Ella eats around 32 oz/day. Depending on our day, she will usually eat 5-6 oz bottles every 4 hours. We just started introducing some pureed food into her diet, and so far she has tried oatmeal, avocado, squash and apples. She loves opening her mouth for food, but most of it ends up on her bib! It’s amazing how much more care-free I am with her compared to James, especially when it comes to eating. I truly believe that the first year is for breast milk or formula, and solids are for experimentation and fun, for the most part. I was a crazy scheduler when it came to James eating solids, and a little stressed out. For Ella, I have a feeling she will be mostly eating when and what we are for the convenience! Still, I enjoy making baby food and will be posting about making and storing purees soon! I’ve already done some pea and pear purees for her.


Ella is still super smiley and pretty easy-going, although I know she can’t wait to be able to sit unassisted. She almost does a sit-up when she’s laying flat now, and quickly rolls all over and onto her tummy. She is content playing on her tummy as long as she has a teether or toy. She has become quite impatient with this, I think because James never lets her be without one! She loves to let out high-pitched screams, when she is happy and upset! I feel like she is going to get a tooth any day, but I’ve said this for the last two months. She never stops drooling and chewing!

Recently, we’ve brought up the Baby Einstein bouncer for her to hang out in, and she loves it!

Height and Weight 

We actually had Ella’s 6 month appointment this morning, and she did very well! She loves all of the doctors…until they start poking and sticking her with needles :(. Ella is 16 lbs (50th percentile) and 80th percentile for height. I forget the exact inch measurement again!

Overall, Ella is our little sweet pea, and the most adorable, happy addition to our family that we could have asked for. I feel grateful to be her mommy every day. Even at 2:00 in the morning ;). I love watching her and James grow into lifelong friends, and I can’t believe that in another 6 months I will have a one year old and a two year old!

Ella is 5 Months Old! 


Ella has been doing a lot better napping recently. She takes 3-4 naps a day, depending on when she wakes up, and usually falls asleep about 2 hours after she wakes up from the previous nap. She is a cat-napper still, only sleeping about 45 min-an hour before waking, but in her longer afternoon nap, I can usually get her back to sleep to make that nap about 2 hours. Mama needs some alone time! Ella goes to bed around 7 pm and wakes around 6 am. She still wakes 1-2 times to eat throughout the night.


Ella has a love/hate relationship with food, I think! She has always been a great eater but recently she wants to snack more, which really throws off our schedule. I think one of the toughest parts of being a stay-at-home mom is figuring out how to have a schedule but also how to stay flexible as well. She usually eats 6 oz every 3/4 hours. I can’t believe she is going to be starting solids soon! When James was around this age, I started making tons and tons of homemade baby food. I’m not sure that I will have the time (or energy) to make everything myself this time around, and I know there are some quality brands of baby food out there, so we’ll see! I love experimenting with different flavors and textures, and I love baby-led weaning when they’re ready also. I definitely don’t fit into a “category” when it comes to feeding babies or even being a mom in general. Everything in moderation, in my opinion! Anyway, I can’t wait to start solids with Ella and watch her experience different foods, especially because James’ food groups are limited these days ;).


Ella’s smile can light up your day! She is curious, easy-going, and loves when James comes over to hug her. Ella is rolling all around now, and loves to hang out on her tummy while chewing a teether. I’m pretty sure she is getting a tooth any day now. She also loves rattles and puts everything in her mouth! She’s so close to sitting, and does not like to be laid down now or held for long, unless she is standing! Ella is such a sweet pea, and a generally happy baby.

Height and Weight 

We wont go to the doctor for another month, but I would guess Ella is about 16 lbs. She is wearing 9 month clothes now.

Ella is 4 Months Old!

How did those 4 months fly by so fast?!


We have definitely hit the 4 month sleep regression in our house. Ella has been our great sleeper from only a few weeks old- waking to eat a few times at night. For the past month or so she was on a great schedule- short nap in the morning, long nap in the afternoon, short nap in the late afternoon, and bed from 7-7 with one or two night feedings. In the past week, she’s decided to switch things up a bit, as most babies do! Once you think things are beginning to become predictable, they change up again! Last night she was up three times to eat from 9-4! At least she goes right back to sleep after. I will sleep someday…

Ella still sleeps in the pack and play next to our bed. Since she wakes so often still, I like having her close by. Also, I don’t want her to wake James because he can be difficult to get back to sleep! Thank goodness he usually sleeps straight through the night! One of the reasons Ella is waking more frequently is that she no longer likes to be swaddled, but is still woken up by her reflexes. We are trying out Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit currently, which is made for babies who are ready to transition from the swaddle, yet still need that cozy, secure feeling to aid in their sleep. It seems to be helping Ella stay asleep and connect sleep cycles, and she has always been good at falling asleep on her own, but it hasn’t helped her sleep for longer periods at night vs. the swaddle. I can’t wait until she can roll over and sleep on her back, because this is the point when James became a great sleeper! It’s amazing how different they are though, and how you can’t always use what you did with your first with your second.


Ella eats about 30 oz a day, split up between 5 or 6 bottles. She is a great eater, but has been getting a bit distracted recently by her brother and other things going on in the room! Gone are the days where I could feed the baby quietly in a dim room while rocking in the glider. Typical second child! We aren’t quite ready to begin solids yet but we do add an ounce of prune juice to one bottle a day to help with occasional constipation :). I hate when my babies are upset because they have to go! I’m sure you other mamas out there know how I feel! I could seriously write a book about our sagas with baby poo…


Ella is as easy-going as they come. As you can see below, she loves to happily lay on her playmat or a blanket while her brother plays next to her. Yesterday while she was playing with her favorite musical snail, James continued to bring her his toys while saying, “Here ya go!” for about 20 minutes straight. Good thing she has no idea what’s going on! I was right there to make sure the toys were getting to the ground safely 🙂 but it was just so stinkin’ cute.

Height and Weight

Ella is perfectly average :). She weighed 7 lb 5 oz at birth, and has almost doubled her birthweight at 14 lb 3 oz today. That puts her around the 55th percentile for weight. I can’t remember her actual height but she is around the 90th percentile for height! That explains why she is quickly growing out of every outfit we buy her. She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes now.

Here is a photo of us at Ella’s 4 month check-up. The nurses kept asking me if she was always this happy! That perfectly describes her though, always smiling and cooing at us and her big brother. She was extremely happy at this appointment, until those dreaded vaccinations came! Luckily my kids only seem to be affected by shots right when they occur. I usually give Tylenol if they seem cranky when we get home, and they may be a bit sleepy from the trauma, but overall they are great sports!

Ella is the perfect addition to our family, and she makes me smile every day. She is just the sweetest pea!